This is a publication about photography, music, and community.

Capturing the essence and energy of live music is a daunting task, but with all of the thrown elbows, sore knees, and lost lens caps comes the thrill of working with innovative artists, making new friends, and helping to document incredible moments that exist for one night only.

We are inclusive. The up-and-coming acts are just as important as the headliners. We are nationwide. Hyperlocal coverage is where we all started, but bringing it all together exposes more people to the bands and photographers we love from Brooklyn to Missoula to Boise to Houston to LA to Portland and beyond. 

Interested in contributing? Get in touch! We’d love to see what you’ve been doing.

We’re all in the pit together.


We’re a group of photographers who decided it was time to start something new.

Graham W. Bell // Editor-in-Chief
Portfolio - TX @grahamwbell

Photographer and writer based in Houston, TX by way of Portland and Brooklyn. 
Specializes in live music, portrait, and lifestyle photography. Digital and film. 
MA in Art History - Photography from the University of Oregon.

Corrina Stadler // Editor
Portfolio - PA @corrina.bobina

Multimedia artist currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. Specializes in photography (studio, live music, and portrait) and screenprinting. Digital and film. 
BS in Art - Eastern Oregon University.

Jan Ng // Editor
Portfolio - OR @peanutbutterandjan

Photographer and artist based in the Pacific Northwest. She has an affinity for digital and animation media. Specializes in portrait and live music photography. Digital and film. 
BS in Marketing and Art - Eastern Oregon University.

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